Best Fireplace Mantel Decorating Ideas

Decorating fireplace mantel will be very fun and enjoyable for the homeowner to make their room look interesting and colorful. Remember, fireplace always become the focal point in any room and that’s why you need to spice up the fireplace mantel with interesting decorating based on your personal taste and style. There are no rules in decorating, you are free to use your imagination with any color you want. But one thing you need to know in fireplace mantel decorating, avoid to clutter the mantels with too many items such as photos and kitsch which will really make a room feel busy and dated. But leaving it bare can make a room feel cold, empty and unwelcoming which will make your guest bored staying there. If you are one of the homeowner who are looking for the best method for fireplace mantel decorating, then you may consider the following tips.

The first thing you need to do in fireplace mantel decorating is to choose the focus item of the mantels which goes well with the decor of the rest of the room. It could be a beautiful clock or a mirror hanging above the mantel or you can also put any item that you find appealing. After chosen the focus item, you need to balance the matels. For example, place a large item in the middle of the mantel. If there is no TV above the fireplace mantel, then you have empty space which need to fill with a large picture, mirror or wall sconces. But if you have small space, then mirror will be a good choice. Don’t forget to decorate the fireplace mantel based on the season, it will keep the mantel fresh and interesting. In the spring, you can line the top of mantels with several small miniature daffodils pots which interspersed with small votive candles. In the winter, draping the mantels with evergreens no matter real or imitation will make it looks cute. In the fall, a string of fake autumn leaves for the fireplace mantel will make it stylish and awesome.

You can also add your personal touch by displaying photographs on your fireplace mantel as long as they aren’t crowded. Remember, fireplace is the focal point in any room therefore you need to decor the fireplace mantel frequently to give the room a whole new feel.

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